Central Asian University with a developed infrastructure - has its own campus as part of three educational buildings equipped with modern modernized equipment, a sports complex, and a student café.

In operation, a 12-storey new apartment-type hostel for students, a house for faculty, 3 academic buildings located on the territory of the university. The library fund is constantly updated and currently comprises 853201 units of teaching and research books, a reading room with 450 seats, an electronic catalog of books and textbooks, and an electronic reading room.

The university has 8 computer classes equipped with 160 computers of the latest generation connected to the Internet, operating on the basis of Windows 10 and Linux operating systems. Of these, 2 multimedia classes with ReWard installed for accelerated learning of English. The university has more than 10 interactive whiteboards. There are 145 offices equipped with new furniture and modern specialized equipment, built on the basis of digital and fiber-optic communication systems and based on the latest technologies, protocols and servers.

The educational process at the university is built on modular credit technologies, where students are given the opportunity to independently build their educational path and track it interactively through the university’s portal.

Also, there are 29 specialized educational and production and methodological laboratories at the university departments, a courtroom, a forensic training ground, a real oil pumping range, virtual laboratories, cabinets for transport equipment and engineering, electronics and heat power engineering, biotechnology and automation, a language laboratory, and special. offices of undergraduates and PhD doctoral students.

Training is underway at the military department with the assignment of the rank of lieutenant. There is the possibility of distance learning.