creation of a modern university of international level, providing high-quality and affordable education, training of qualified personnel capable of implementing the acquired knowledge in practice and in science.


  • quality
  • fundamental
  • continuity and continuity of education and science
  • unity of training, research and education
  • integration into the regional and global scientific and educational community
  • creative


  • Improving the quality of educational services through the use of innovative technologies and analysis of the monitoring data of the university, the development of multilingual education programs joint with foreign universities.
  • Ensuring a sustainable financial and economic condition of the university and rational use of resources.
  • Deepening integration into the international space by expanding the practice of joint educational and research programs with foreign universities and research centers.
  • Formation and development of effective, collegiate university management and quality management systems in accordance with the principles and requirements of international standards of the ISO 9001: 2008 series.
  • Providing effective communication with consumers, stakeholders of the company, graduates, determining the level of satisfaction of their needs.
  • Creation of university students studying the scientific and educational environment, allowing to develop professional and personal qualities, civic position and realize creative potential.
  • Ensuring sustainable trust of applicants, students, their parents, representatives of state bodies, industry and society as a whole, we are constantly improving our activities taking into account the requirements and wishes of all interested parties.
  • Ensuring healthy and safe conditions for students and university staff.
  • The leadership of the Central Asian University brings this policy to the attention of the faculty, students, university staff is responsible for creating the conditions necessary for its implementation. The policy can be analyzed and revised on the basis of changes in the requirements of all parties interested in the quality of educational activities of the university.