• College address: Almaty, st. Zhandosova St. 60
  • Contact phone: +7 (727) 275-34-66
  • Fax: +7 (727) 275-34-66

The college sets and solves the ambitious and bold tasks of training highly qualified specialists in relevant areas of education, social sciences and business, humanities and law in accordance with the international level.

 State license No. AA0162976, the term is unlimited.

Social and Humanitarian College has full-time and correspondence courses, prepares specialists in the following qualifications:

  • 0201000- «Jurisprudence»
  • 0402000 -«Design (by profile)»
  • 0507000- «Organization of hotel services»
  • 0512000- «Translation business "(by type);
  • 1202000 -«Organization of transportation and traffic management in transport ”(by industry)
  • 0516000 – «Finance ”(by industry)
  • 0809000- «Oil and gas field exploitation»

All conditions are provided for college education. Students in grades 9 and 11 are admitted to college. The term of study after grade 9 is 2 years 10 months, after grade 11 - 1 year 10 months.

Since its foundation, 13,000 specialists with secondary specialized education have graduated from the college. College graduates can continue their studies at Central Asian University.

The teaching staff of the college:
The teaching staff of the college is highly qualified. Experienced teachers work in the college, have practical work experience. 75% of teachers have the highest and first categories.

College Life
Students combine their studies in college with research work. A scientific and practical conference is held annually. Scientific articles written under the guidance of teachers are published in Republican publications. College students are laureates of many international, Republican Olympiads. The student, discussion, educational club "Parasat" is working.

College Resource Fund:
The material and technical base is well equipped. Educational buildings are equipped with new technology. The college library has more than 17,000 textbooks and scientific literature. Through INTERNET and WIFI the college is connected to the networks of international libraries. Each student has his own email. Training is conducted in Kazakh, Russian and English with an in-depth study of computer science.

The college has its own building, computer rooms, a specialized laboratory and classrooms, a gym, a first-aid post, a canteen, etc.

For students provided various social benefits. Assistance is provided for children from low-income families.

College graduates, having their own private enterprises, provide assistance to our students with internships and employment. College graduates are issued a state-issued diploma with a vocational technical education.